Lorenzo Il Magnifico e Sergio Bianco

The project addresses a person of singular worth: he is out of the ordinary,
open-minded, and he wishes to engage in the creation of moral and economic value
for himself, his descendants and his fellow man.
During this presentation, the person is identified ad Lorenzo Il Magnifico.
The other participant in this project is Sergio Bianco, the writer.



Sergio Bianco has been specializing for more than 20 years in logogenesis, the creation
of the logo and research into symbolic motivation.
The site offers an in-depth vision of the work done and the level of excellence achieved.
The successful outcome of the project depends very much upon an appreciation, on the part of Lorenzo Il Magnifico, of Sergio Bianco work.



The first phase of the project concerns the purchase or temporary grant of a villa
which Lorenzo Il Magnifico already possesses, to be used as a prestigious location for the artistic and commercial activity of Sergio Bianco.



The villa is situated in Liguria, in the area between Camogli, San Lorenzo and Santa Margherita or in the Maremma, in Tuscany, in Castiglione della Pescaia area.
Its on a hillside, exposed to the sun, with a view overlooking the sea.
And there is silence all around, its immersed in nature, but it is not entirely isolated.
There are other houses at a discreet distance, they do not intrude.
The villa is surrounded by trees and is pervaded by birdsong.
The property is clearly delimited and there are 1.000 square metres of land around the house. The villa is simple and charming. The house has a soul.
It is not garish, ostentatious: it is built with natural materials, well exposed to the sun, so that from here one can enoy a view of the sea and especially the sunsets.
Stone, wood, large windows in iron and glass, a wood stove, a fireplace.
The house brings together the charm of the past and the most modern conveniences
and technology.
The villa is between 200 and 300 m2.



Lorenzo Il Magnifico, while keeping possession of the villa, will grant it, rent-free,
to Sergio Bianco. Or they will come to an arrangement about a symbolic rent.
Sergio Bianco will use the villa as a home for himself and his family and as premises for his own commercial and artistic activity.
Sergio Bianco will be responsible for the maintenance of the villa.



Lorenzo Il Magnifico will be honoured by three logos created by Sergio Bianco to use
as he wishes, for himself, or for national or international enterprises of his choice.
After these three logos, at zero cost, Lorenzo Il Magnifico will receive 50 of the amount; all the logos are sold for the logos in question; they are created exclusively
by Sergio Bianco for those clients presented by Lorenzo Il Magnifico himself.
Finally Lorenzo Il Magnifico will see an increase in the evaluation of his property,
which will be personalized in balanced and harmonious fashion to assume the value of a unique piece.



The villa, intended as a simple, naturale site for inspiration, in which a precise artistic and commerciale activity takes place, and which reflects a philosophy of life,
is indispensable for the increase in value of the works creatde by Sergio Bianco.
To give an idea of how important places of work and life are, we might recall Salvador Dali house in Cadaqués in Spain or the lakeside house of the Canadian illustrator
Robert Bateman or, lastly, the house-garden where Monet cultivated and painted his water lilies.
They are houses beyond price, entirely bound up with the character and work of those who have lived lives of intensity there.
I would like to recall that pre-eminence, as far as logo creation is concerned, still does not exist. People always remember and refer to number ones.
The aim is to get oneself into peoples minds, to be seen to be at the top, as far as logo creation is concerned.
I am aware that the logos I have created in the past, as with the most recent realizations, possess the aesthetic, psychological and emotional characteristics needed to deserve this pre-eminence.
All that is needed is to perfect a communication strategy, to obtain recognition as a leader in this specific field.
The villa will testify to the pre-eminence achieved.



The achievement of this pre-eminence in the creation of the logo will allow for time and energy to be dedicated to social projects.
The strength and communicative power of symbols will in fact be used as an ultimate end, i.e., to promote, worldwide, those values which will improve the quality of life of people, as well as this splendid planet we inhabit, which has in fact only been lent to us so that we might develop that masterpiece which is our existence.